Griffon Ramsey, everybody (x)


I don’t know about you guys but seeing how long Geoff spent on Icecube I really expected something like this for the LP (x)





first gif i have ever made

it’s not beautiful but im gonna get there man


I like how Burnie just backs up. Like Michael’s short skinny self makes everyone terrified.



This dude took like five minutes trying to get Achievement Hunter to hire him… Asshole.

Team “No Girls Allowed”.


While talking to Caleb at a Sidequest event Sunday night, Caleb said that Lindsay, Kdin, and his team is going to be called “No Girls Allowed.”

Lindsay is captain.

Make this a thing!


Adam Ellis, Michael Jones, Chris Demarais, and Joel Heyman.

These are the only RT people I could have hold the sign because they had time. Thank you to each and every one of you for doing it because it means so much to me and hopefully more people.

Adam said “hell yeah, this is important”.


close ups of some day 5 pics from rtx

Joel Heyman + The Lads 


one random thing before RTX

i fully expect tumblr to get shit on a lot. don’t let that fucking happen, it’s bullshit. there are bad tumblr fans, yup. obviously. but there’s also reddit fans, who spent the week meg turney was hired concern trolling, flat out accusing her of sleeping her way into the company, and ignoring her body of work. there’s also twitter people who send abuse and harassment when fucking videos aren’t posted soon enough for them.

there are shitty people in the RT fanbase but they exist everywhere and don’t put up with any horseshit that says otherwise.